About us

Italiano was established to improve the quality of life of Israeli consumers by offering a wide range of products in the highest standards that exist in the world today. We specialize in importing and distribution of quality FMCG of leading and innovative brands. We are working hard to be the leader in our field, using the highest quality brands and best service for our customers. We are committed to success and working to develop and evolve along with the Israeli market.
The Israeli daily life routine of 24/7 requires us to think how we can improve our life quality among all tasks. All brands that we import and market in Israel, carefully selected from understanding the Israeli consumer, to provide a high standard product for better and healthier leaving, as part of the global health trend. We consider innovation a key ingredient in all of our activities and work to provide the highest standards with the best quality products you can find in the world today. Our ambition is to lead the Israeli market to progress and innovation, with leading international brands, while protecting the environment.



Strive to become Israel’s leading company
as we thinking ahead and import the world’s
most innovative brands.


Creativity, initiative and thinking about new directions.

Environmental awareness

We import brands that are manufactured using
Green ecological substitutes.